2016/11/1:  TEGAM新的900系列蓝牙手持温度计允许客户远程监控过程行业的关键数据
TEGAM新型的数字温度计应对食品安全里面的HACCP和HARPC所要求的数据采集的挑战已经提供了30多年历史温度计产品的TEGAM公司正在向业内推出一系列的高性能温度计,用来协助食品制造商满足FSMA(美国食品安全现代化法案)的要求。900系列温度计是TEGAM推出的最先进、最精密的手持测量接触式温度计产品。更多信息,可以参考: https://www.tegam.com/tegams-new-900-series-bluetoothhand-held-thermometers-allow-managers-to-remotely-monitor-critical-data-logs/
TEGAM’s new 900 Series thermometers are transforming the manufacturing floor by allowing remote monitoring of critical data and simplifying the data collection process to meet the requirements of the FSMA. “The FDA is going to rely heavily on data collection with the implementation of the FSMA,” explained Greg Tolentino, Applications Engineer for TEGAM. “The advances offered in TEGAM’s 900 Series thermometers bring new levels of flexibility by allowing the user to analyze manufacturing processes on the fly and initiate immediate adjustments to prevent safety or quality problems.”
The smooth, sleek, sealed design resists collection of dirt, grease and grime while simplifying the typical wipe-down process. Food manufacturers know first-hand how integral facility and equipment cleanliness is in ensuring product quality. Under the newly-implemented FSMA (and existing GMP guidelines), clean equipment is a regulatory requirement. The 900 Series thermometers, featuring a sealed battery compartment, one-piece keypad overlay, and sleek contours, are less likely to accumulate grease, dirt, or residue, and are easier to clean and protect against harsh cleaning agents.
TEGAM’s 900 Series thermometers eliminate the potential for recording and transcription errors of pen-and-paper methods. Designed with built-in wireless connectivity to free cloud data storage, this solution creates a data repository that is accessible well within the 24 hours that the FSMA requires. Although not specifically required by FSMA regulations, online databases such as TEGAM provides in the new 900 Series system are the ideal answer to recordkeeping and audit requirements.
They are available in a variety of configurations:
  • 911A single and 912A dual input simple, durable and accurate thermocouple thermometers

  • 931A single and 932A dual input data collection thermocouple thermometers with Bluetooth

In either regulatory environment, HACCP or HARPC, temperature measurement of the foods being processed is crucial to preventing the growth of foodborne pathogens. One of the best solutions is an easy-to-handle, ruggedly designed automated temperature measurement solution.
The top considerations TEGAM had for creating these new handheld thermometers were to improve product quality, increase the speed of operations, decrease manufacturing costs, improve maintenance and improve information for business analytics.
The prices for these extraordinary instruments are also quite competitive considering their rich set of features. Prices range from $250 for the single channel 911A up to $400 for the two channel data collection 932A.
“TEGAM constantly strives to provide current and potential customers with the most advanced and highest accuracy hand held measurement equipment,” said Adam Fleder, President of TEGAM, Inc. “By maintaining a leading technological position in the handheld temperature market, we can help improve the safety and quality of food while simplifying compliance to the FSMA for food manufacturers.”
To learn more about the TEGAM’s complete line of thermocouple thermometers, visit the TEGAM website.
Like all TEGAM products, their thermometers are designed, assembled and tested in the United States. TEGAM backs this durable instrument with a standard three-year warranty and a two-year calibration guarantee.
Contact TEGAM Inc.
For more information from TEGAM, Inc., visit the TEGAM website contact TEGAM, Inc., 10 TEGAM Way Geneva, OH USA 44041, or call 1-440-466-6100.
Headquartered just east of Cleveland, Ohio, TEGAM, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and support of a wide variety of test, measurement and calibration instruments. TEGAM is the worldwide leading manufacturer of RF power sensor calibration systems, for commercial and military applications. Founded in 1979, TEGAM has developed a wide variety of measurement instrumentation and markets its products around the world through a network of technical representatives and distributors in more than 40 countries. For more information visit www.tegam.com or contact Sales at Sales@tegam.com.
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